February 1, 2024

Grace and Frankie - Is Sam Waterston Gay in Real Life?

When it comes to depicting real life, few TV shows do better than Grace and Frankie. The show is both hilarious and touching, bringing attention to three underserved demographics: women, gay people, and senior citizens. It’s no wonder that the sitcom is so popular.

The show stars Sam Waterston as Sol, a character who is gay. It is a role that has brought a lot of attention to the actor’s personal life, with some viewers wondering whether or not Sam Waterston is gay in real life. While it is important to recognize that an actor’s sexual orientation is a personal matter, we can use his career and public statements to help answer this question.

It is also worth mentioning that Baron Vaughn, who plays Frankie’s adopted son, Coyote Bergstein, is openly gay. He is an incredibly talented actor and comedian who has used his platform to raise awareness about LGBTQ issues and foster conversation on such topics.

However, while the show does a great job of depicting two perspectives on being gay—either that gay relationships should be celebrated or demonized—it fails to adequately represent the many middle ground positions. For example, it fails to acknowledge that some gay people are celibate because of their religion; it doesn’t portray the Christian florist who accepts gay customers but can’t marry them because of her religious beliefs; and it never even hints at the existence of a gay person who values traditional marriage and does not support same-sex unions in general.


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