February 1, 2024

Gay Wrestlers Who Changed WWE

Wrestling has come a long way from the days when many wrestlers had to keep their sexuality a secret. It is heartening to see the wrestling community embrace all its wrestlers irrespective of their sexuality. This is evident from the fact that WWE has a list of wrestlers who are openly gay and proud.

The latest entry on that list is the AEW star Jake Atlas. The AEW rookie has made it clear that he is proud of his sexuality and he has no issues with the rest of the wrestling world accepting him as openly gay. He is not alone as a number of other indie stars such as Effy, Katch, and others are openly gay and are part of the independent wrestling scene.

Last weekend saw a record crowd of 81,000 people flock to London’s Wembley Stadium for All Elite Wrestling’s first pay-per-view event. One of the event’s biggest feel-good moments came as a result of the emergence of a new three-man tag team champion. The Acclaimed’s cry of “scissor me Daddy” is proof that the wrestling world has moved forward and that LGBTQ wrestlers have helped to make this happen.

Sonya Deville is also a good example of the progress that has been made in the wrestling world. The New Jersey native was the first openly gay female wrestler to become a main character in WWE’s history and she has been using her platform to advocate for LGBT rights since she joined the company in 2015. She is also a regular in Northeast Championship Wrestling and often teams up with her friend Effy as their gimmick, Bussy.


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