February 1, 2024

Gay Straight and the Reason Why

A homosexual person is attracted to members of the opposite sex. The term homophobia describes a fear of people who are gay or lesbian.

Some experts believe that sexual orientation is partly innate. Others think it is mostly a result of life experience and upbringing. It's also possible that people can become heterosexual or homosexual through treatment (like aversion therapy).

Sigmund Freud said that gay sons are the result of dominant mothers and absent or hostile fathers. Various studies have shown that this is not always the case. Studies of animal behavior have also bolstered the idea that sexual orientation is in part biological. One example is the discovery that the number of older brothers a male has increases his chance of being gay.

Another interesting discovery is that some men who are born with feminine traits (like a tendency to be attracted to females) often have sisters. This may be because the women have genes that balance out the effects of the boys' genes on their attraction to men.

A gay-straight alliance, GSA, or queer-straight alliance is a student-led organization at middle schools, high schools, and some colleges that promotes acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or allied students and their cisgender heterosexual classmates. These groups are a crucial resource for young people who feel isolated and afraid due to their sexual identity or gender expression. Some students find that they face resistance from school administrations, elected school boards, or local communities in starting a GSA.


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