January 31, 2024

Gay Celebs Who Tried to Keep it on the D-List

As June is Pride month and more celebrities come out to be gay and/or LGBTQ+, it's easy to forget that in the past being openly homosexual was quite a big deal. It was often a career detriment and those that did come out were often subjected to a lot of backlash.

Fortunately, things aren't as bad as they used to be and many celebrities are coming out and using their fame to support the community. There is still a way to go, but it's becoming increasingly apparent that being gay in the public eye doesn't have to be a career killer anymore.

One such celebrity is actor Luke Evans, who rose to prominence through their role as Diana in series four of The Crown and has since been an outspoken LGBT+ activist and became Vogue's first non-binary cover star in 2022. Another is transgender singer Halsey who has been vocal about her sexuality, saying she identifies as tri-bisexual and isn't interested in being labelled as gay or straight.

Other notables include former American Idol runner-up David Archuleta, who came out in an Instagram post in 2021 and has spoken about his journey of accepting his queer identity. Also, cult classic movie star Glenn Shadix who played Otho in Beetlejuice and the Broadway and film adaptations. Also, Apple CEO Tim Cook who was awarded The Newseum Institute's Free Speech Award in 2017 and has been active in protecting the rights of gay people.


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