February 1, 2024

Gay Bowser - How Many People Are Called Gay Bowser in America?

There are approximately 19,845 people in the United States with the first name GAY and the last name Bowser. Statistically, GAY is the 1376th most popular first name. Using the website HowManyOfMe, you can type in any name and see how many people share that name in America. This information was collected from various sources including SSA records. Race and Hispanic origin data are approximated.

Gay Bowser is a play on words that emerged from a misheard voice line in the video game Super Mario 64. The name gained prominence in the gaming community as a humorous meme. It is not an authentic Koopa family last name, but it has become associated with the Koopalings since Shigeru Miyamoto clarified that they are not Bowser's actual children.


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