February 1, 2024

Freddie Smith - Is He Gay in Real Life on Days of Our Lives?

Freddie Smith plays the character of Sonny Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives, and many fans wonder if the actor is gay in real life. He has stated in interviews that he is not, but that he is proud of the show for featuring LGBTQ stories and is grateful to the fans for supporting their representation on-screen.

In the early 2010s, Days of Our Lives took a huge step in LGBTQ representation by having one of its main characters, Will Horton, come out as gay. He later married Sonny Kiriakis, becoming the first same-sex supercouple in daytime soap opera history. The couple had a tumultuous relationship, but eventually got married and became parents to Will’s daughter, Arianna.

More recently, a character on the show named Leo Brooks was revealed to be gay, and this story line has been well-received by fans. During Pride Month in June, the actress who plays Leo, Linsey Godfrey, made her sexual orientation public on social media by posting a photo of herself with rainbow eyeshadow.

Another character who is openly gay on the soap is Paul Narita, played by Chris Sean. Introduced in November 2014, Paul is a former baseball star who was injured and needed shoulder surgery. He begins dating Will, and the two end up falling in love with each other. Paul is also closeted to other men, but he and Will feel free to be themselves with each other. This allows Will to finally start dating his first male lover, Neil Hultgren, who is a gay journalist working for the Salem Observer.


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