February 1, 2024

Famous Women Who Married Gay Men

Celebrities have always had to walk a fine line between their private lives and the public eye. Prior to gay rights, some stars used their marriages as a way of concealing their homosexuality from the masses. During this time, announcing a gay actor's sexual orientation was sure to ruin their career. This led some actors to enter into sham marriages with women, known as lavender marriages. These celebrities, such as Rock Hudson and Phyllis Gates, were able to hide their love for each other behind the scenes while still appearing on screen together.

Today, gay celebrities are more open with their sexuality and many have children through surrogacy. Among the most well-known gay celebrity couples is singer Ty Herndon and partner Alex Schwartz who have two sets of twins and are known as "America's First Gay Dads." Similarly, interior designer Vern Yip and her husband have two children through surrogacy with sons Gavin and Vera.

Several famous straight celebrities have married gay men. Among them are Judy Garland and her husband, Vincente Minnelli, who were both gay. The Wizard of Oz actress had two other husbands after her divorce from Minnelli. Cary Grant was also in a lavender marriage with Dyan Cannon until she died of AIDS-related complications. Then there's Elton John, who was married to Renate Blauel before he came out as gay in 1988. The former pop icon is now an outspoken advocate for gay rights.


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