June 8, 2024

Couple to Throuple: Where Are They Now? Exploring Outcomes

The reality TV show "Couple to Throuple" offers a unique exploration into the world of polyamory by featuring five couples who test the waters of incorporating a third person into their relationship. Set on a remote island, this show creates an intimate environment where couples can explore polyamory away from the distractions of everyday life. The experiment culminates in a dramatic finale where participants must decide whether to continue their throuple relationships in the real world.

Individual Couple Outcomes

Dylan, Lauren, and Jess

Lauren and Dylan, a married couple from Arizona, paired with Jess Olson, a fitness guru. Despite initial concerns about the pace of their relationship, the trio navigated through their issues and committed to exploring polyamory. Unfortunately, the geographical distance between Arizona and Texas proved insurmountable, leading to their eventual breakup. However, they remain good friends.

Maximo, Ashlee, and Becca

Maximo and Ashlee, a couple from Bushwick, New York, invited Becca into their relationship. They struggled with commitment concerns and decided not to pursue their relationship further. Maximo and Ashlee continue to seek a third partner, while Becca has embraced single life, deciding she will never settle for being a secondary option again.

Brittne, Sean, and Darrien

Brittne Babe, a celebrity personal trainer, and Sean Williams, a music producer from Los Angeles, connected with Darrien, a meditation guide. They initially felt a strong connection but ultimately split due to career commitments. Sean and Brittne continued their relationship, which led to Sean proposing to Brittne.

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Ashmal, Rehman, and Jonathan

Ashmal Ali, a Chicago attorney, and Rehman Bhatti, a public relations professional from Detroit, brought Jonathan into their relationship. They faced significant challenges but decided to continue their relationship. Post-show, the throuple lasted three months before Ashmal ended his relationship with both partners. Jonathan and Rehman briefly tried to maintain a relationship but soon went their separate ways. Ashmal and Rehman remain best friends but have lost contact with Jonathan.

Corey, Wilder, and Denyse

Corey Potter, a set designer from Massachusetts, and Wilder Bunke, a photographer from Los Angeles, paired with Denyse Davis, a Playboy Bunny. They decided to leave the show early, feeling confident about their relationship. Despite living in different states, they have maintained their throuple and often travel together, with plans for Denyse to move to Los Angeles soon.

Insights and Reflections

The show "Couple to Throuple" provided a unique lens into the challenges and opportunities within polyamorous relationships. Proximity and shared goals were found to be crucial for sustaining these relationships outside the controlled environment of the show. Many participants experienced personal growth and greater understanding of polyamory despite their relationships not lasting.

Diversity and Challenges

The diversity in relationships showcased on the show, including both heterosexual and same-sex couples, added depth to the exploration of polyamory. However, many relationships faced difficulties due to commitment issues and career priorities. The show illustrates that, while polyamory can be fulfilling, it requires extensive communication, trust, and mutual respect.

Friendships and Continuing Exploration

Several participants have maintained friendships post-breakup, indicating that respect and affection remain even when romantic relationships end. Participants like Maximo and Ashlee continue to explore the polyamory community, seeking compatible partners and learning from their experiences on the show.

"Couple to Throuple" has provided valuable insights into the complexities of polyamorous relationships, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect, open communication, and shared goals. While not all relationships endured, the journey offered by the show has sparked meaningful conversations about the nature and dynamics of polyamory, potentially paving the way for greater acceptance and understanding of diverse relationship models in mainstream media.

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