February 2, 2024

Big Mouth 3: Who is Gay in Big Mouth?

The animated Netflix hit Big Mouth has long been a champion of queer representation. Featuring characters like the school anchorman Matthew (voiced by openly gay actor Andrew Rannells) and the show’s resident gossip Jay Bilzerian (voiced by Jason Mantzoukas), Big Mouth has brought queer audiences a sense of validation and understanding through its raunchy and often inappropriate content. From talking genitals to animated excrement, the series explores topics that are often overlooked in TV comedy, making it the perfect platform to normalize the experience of being a sexual minority for young viewers.

This year, the third season of Big Mouth took it a step further in its queer representation, with an adorable animated cameo from Queer Eye’s Fab Five and a deeper exploration of toxic masculinity and cousin-on-cousin incest. The third season also included a heartfelt coming out story from Matthew, and a scene depicting Jay’s budding sexuality that sparked controversy on Twitter.

What’s more, the writers behind Big Mouth have made a point to add nuance to their characterization of LGBTQ teens and respect them as they figure out who they are. For example, in a season 3 episode, Matthew (who is openly gay at school but must lie to his family about his identity) struggles with his feelings for Jay and then realizes he has his first real crush on Aiden, another out gay boy.

And, in the same episode, Missy (voiced by Jenny Slate) and Jay have a frank discussion about Jay’s bisexuality as they bring to life their faithful masturbatory aids, imbuing them with personalities, sex drives, and genders. This was an important moment for the show because it gave Jay a chance to express his own experiences and make clear that he wasn’t just a “jolly gay homo” but a true bisexual.


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