February 2, 2024

Are Traps Gay?

As the name suggests, traps are guys who look feminine enough that they can be mistaken as female. They are mostly found in anime and are popular among many men. When they do their thing, they can give a guy a raging erection and drop his panties like nobody’s business. This has caused some people to wonder, are traps gay?

What people do not realize is that the term “trap” was originally used by anime and manga fans on 4chan to call out images of fictional characters who were either crossdressing or androgynous. But this quickly bled into using it against real transgender people, and that is not okay. The word ‘trap’ stigmatizes transgender people and portrays them as sexual deviants that are trying to trick cis men. It is a toxic and harmful stereotype that should be eliminated completely.

Some people who ask “are traps gay?” often do so jokingly and will argue that they are not homosexual because they like them for their feminine features or because they are cute. But the truth is that they are supporting transgender erasure. They are perpetuating a stereotype that is harmful to transgender people and can lead to violence.

The problem with the phrase is that it normalizes a certain type of manhood for cis men by making them think that trans women are deceitful crossdressers. This makes them feel threatened by their own masculinity and insecure about their heterosexuality, so they lash out with hatred and violence against transgender people.


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