February 1, 2024

13 Reasons Why - Monty De La Cruz is a Closeted Gay Man

When 13 Reasons Why came back for season 3 fans were expecting plenty of gripping moments. The whodunnit style mystery remained intact, but the revelation of Monty de la Cruz’s homosexuality was another surprising twist. The character, played by Timothy Granaderos, was able to shed some light on his sexuality and even face the consequences of assaulting Tyler in season 2.

Throughout the show, fans were able to see how much Monty really cared for Winston. The two would make eye contact at the Hillcrest house party and even attend a Liberty High vs Hillcrest game together, where Monty was a photographer. After the game, Winston invited Monty to his house where they slept together and engaged in physical activity. In one scene, Monty tells Winston he’s a closeted gay man and in return, Winston says that he can be whatever he wants to be.

This was a heart-warming scene for fans, as it shows that even the most villainous characters can change and be forgiven. It also shows that a homosexual identity can be something that’s held with pride. It’s unfortunate that other queer characters on the show were unable to have the same dynamic. Courtney Crimsen is the only other queer character on the show and her queerness is used solely to drive Baker’s plotline. In the article Paths to Homophobia by Mary Bernstein, she explains that “The primary antigay/lesbian arguments center around promoting negative stereotypes and asserting in heterosexual superiority or a sense of group position.”


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